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Filmed a month after the death of Hugo Chávez, Venezuela The Struggle Continues explores the advances and shortcomings of the Bolivarian Revolution. Told from the point of view of ordinary people, the protagonists of a process of change towards social justice still maintaining a steady confrontation with old oligarchic elites. The discovery of oil in 1902 created the conditions for economic and political inequalities exploited by foreign interests. For over sixty years the people of Venezuela have been struggling to create a society with a better distribution of wealth and social justice. Venezuela The Struggle Continues is a feature length documentary that traces the history of oppression and struggle in that country since the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jimenez. It examines the emergence to power of Hugo Chávez, the development of the Bolivarian Revolution, and the future of socialism in that country. 


” Venezuela The Struggle Continues, is outstanding!  Very well done, very impressive. Above all I thank you because these days the news coming from Venezuela does not leave us very optimistic. And in that sense your documentary was a great antidote. It helped me better understand three things: the Bolivarian Revolution did not begin with Chávez; the Bolivarian Revolution is much broader than Chávez; and the Chavez administration managed to implement initiatives that have made tangible improvements in the lives of thousands of formerly homeless people.  Thank you for sharing this work”           

Prof. José M. Rossy   

Albany, New York














Venezuela the Struggle Continues, is in spanish with english subtitles. We offer two DVD versions of the documentary, the original 90 minute as well as the 58 minute version. Both DVD’s include scene selection option which allows individual scenes to be shown in the classroom. A slide show of the production and the music used in the documentary are also available in the DVD.

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